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Peace ~ John Denver

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As the golden leaves
Floated from the aspen trees,
As the first sugary snow,
Fell in Colorado,
As nature closed
Her eyes in wintery repose,
Did you close yours
For ever?
Or do you still see
The glorious mountain scenery?
Does your spirit wander
Past lakes up yonder?
Do you fly with eagles and with hawks
And take woodland walks?
Will your spirit wander Rocky Mountain haunts
For ever?
I see you high
Upon the mountainside.
I see you walk
Beside the Roaring Fork
I hear you sing
Songs of the wind.
You always said you'd stay there
For ever.



"From the life to the light,
From the dark of the night to the dawn.
He is so in our hearts
He is here, he could never be gone.
Though the singer is silent
There still is the truth of the song."

Death is not an ending, it is a symbol of movement along the path upon which we are all traveling.
We have been and always will be a part of each other.
                                                                          John Denver

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