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Peace ~ John Denver

New Years Eve
My first poem for John
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New Years Eve
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Peace Poem

John was born on New Year's Eve 1943.
I wrote this first poem on his first birthday after his passing. This was just two and a half months after his death and I guess I was feeling pretty sad that day.
I wrote the second poem in early December as the Millennium was approaching. I had been thinking of Placido Domingo's remark that the twentieth century was greater for John's presence and thinking that the twenty first century wouldn't be. Then I realised I was wrong because we never lose people as long as we remember them, so the poem starts off sad but ends with optimism.
Optimism was a theme in John's music. Even his sadder songs have optimism and hope.

New Years Eve 1997
Here I am on new years eve,
The last day of the year.
It would have been your birthday,
but now you are not here,
And so I sit and think of you
And shed a lonely tear.
On this day a year ago
My heart was full of dreams,
A concert come the springtime
And all the joy that means,
A future full of promises.
How long ago it seems.
As we drove back home that night
I looked up to the sky
And saw the comet hanging
With a tail so bright up high.
I never thought before the year was out
That you would die.
On that night nine months ago
My young son I did bring,
So he too could experience
The wonder when you sing,
And daffodils were blooming,
And everywhere was spring.
And now that it is winter,
In more ways than one,
Not just the year is ended,
But your life also is done,
Since that sad October day
A part of me is gone.
The dark clouds gathered round me
In October and November,
Though I know now I will carry on
Your hope and words remember,
I cannot help but shed tears
On this last day of December.


"I hope that you will think of me
In moments that you're happy and you're smiling,
That the thought will comfort you
On cold and cloudy days if you are crying,
That you'll love to see the sun go down,
And the world go around,
And around and around."


December 1999
Your time on earth is over now
And life goes on, it's true,
But as Christmas approaches
We can't help but think of you.
Of Christmas films and Muppet shows
And lullabies and trees
Like Alfie, and his wild friends,
And songs of love and peace.

The snow is on the mountains
In the place that you called home.
Ice hangs from frozen branches
Where maybe you still roam
There's bells upon the sleighs
Down in the valley in your town,
And lighted Christmas trees
And laughing children all around.

Ringing Bells

Christmas is a time of joy
And families and laughter,
And thinking of a brand new year
And what will happen after,
But it's also for remembering,
And sometimes a quiet tear.
Your birthday would have been upon
The eve of the new year.

So, as we contemplate
A brand new century without you,
We'll light a candle on your day
And quietly think about you.
Your light is still within our lives,
Your legacy lives on.
What you gave we'll always have,
You never will be gone.