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Peace ~ John Denver

The Dream - Windstar
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The Dream - Windstar
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In 1976 John Denver and his friend Tom Crum founded  Windstar. The Windstar foundation is an educational organization, who's purpose is to promote a future based on cooperation and sustainability and which hopes to  inspire individuals to recognise their connectedness to the world around them.
Their dream was a world in which decisions are guided by concern for each other and the planet we live on.



John's dream became Windstar.
Click on the eucalyptus tree to go to the Windstar website.


John's father was an pilot in the American airforce. As a child he moved around a great deal. One of the places where he did stay put for many years was Tucson, Arizona. He loved the desert.
It was in Tucson that he used to climb the eucalyptus trees and dream of a place in the mountains where people form all over the world could come together.


John's 'Spirit' forever watches over Windstar.

In October I finallly visited Windstar. For me this was the fulfillment of a dream of years. It was fifth anniversary of John's death and the statue of him called 'Spirit' was to be unveiled. During the ceremony a hawk flew high above us and as we left two eagles were soaring overhead.

Windstar is a beautiful dream that John and Tom Crum made come true. On the day of the unveiling I met people from all over the world. 


I found the part of the peace cloth that I had donated. It was a piece of my bedroom curtains from when I was a child. When my mother died 15 years ago I found she had kept it. I wanted to send something that meant a great deal to me. My mother was a fan of John's, too, so this was special.
I remembered that the last time I had seen my piece it was lying on the beach at Pacific Grove.


I visited again two days later and saw the other side of Windstar, wild and deserted. On this visit I had time to walk up to the meditation platform passing the John Denver Meadowlands on my way. The thing that made the biggest impression on me was the absolute silence, I felt so close to nature.


                       "I walked the mighty summits
With the one who made it all."