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Peace ~ John Denver

Blue Water World
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Blue Water World
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Peace Poem

Blue water World is the name of a song John Denver wrote in the last months of his life. It was never recorded but when he sang it in concert during his last tour he dedicated it Jacques Cousteau who died in April 1997. Jacques Cousteau was one of John's heros and he featured him and his ship Calypso in a TV special 1975.
John loved the ocean. During the last year of his life he had a home at Carmel in California. He was staying there when he died in October of that year. 

Beautiful Point Lobos near where John had a house in the summer of 1997

One of John's best known songs is 'Calypso', the song he wrote for Jacques Cousteau's ship of that name.
Calypso was named after a sea nymph from the Greek poem 'The Odyssey' who lived for a time on the Mediterranean island of Gozo where Cousteau found the ship. 
Calypso was involved in a collision in 1996 which resulted in her sinking. She was raised the following year and put in a shipyard. Jacques Cousteau died a few months later.
After many years of problems it has finally been announced that she will sail again!



"Blue water world,
Oceans and oceans,
Rain that falls like love as a gift from the sky.
Blue water world,
Rivers and streams
Like wishes and dreams that will come true by and by,
And the gift that was given to us we are bringing to you,
Our beautiful, beautiful, beautiful blue water world.