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Peace ~ John Denver

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Today I Thought of You

I have some wonderul memories of Johns concerts in the UK. They were mostly in the spring. The daffodils alwys remind me of him now. This poem is rather sad, because I wrote it the spring after John died.

Today I thought of you
For no particular reason,
And I am filled with sadness,
For Spring will soon be here,
But now you will not see
That hope inspiring season
That brings us gladness
Ever again.

You always loved the springtime.
You visited us then.
You loved to see the flowers.
You joked about the cold,
About the English weather.
Oh, I remember when
We shared those happy hours.
Never again.

When I awoke this morning
The sun was in the sky.
I remembered days gone past
When I would hear you sing
Of eagles and of hawks
And how sunshine makes you high.
I thought those days would last,
Forever then.

So now when springtime comes
And I rest my gaze
On a yellow daffodil
Waving in the breeze
Beside a country road,
I will think of days
Your songs my heart would fill.
Together then.


"I always loved springtime
The passing of winter
The green of the new leaves
And life going on."