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Peace ~ John Denver

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"In the midst of this incredibly insane world, with all the terrors and problems, life is worth living. I love life, and everything about it. The first thing that is there for me in every relationship, in every aspect of living, is this celebration."  John Denver

Celebrate the sunshine on a bright, blue summers day.
Celebrate the soft, white, winter snow.
Celebrate the cloudy skies: celebrate the rain.
Celebrate the swirling winds that blow.
Celebrate the mountains that rise up strong and high.
Celebrate the woodlands dark and green .
Celebrate the swallows that soar across the sky.
Celebrate the wonders you have seen.
Celebrate the shadows as daylight comes to close.
Celebrate the still, quiet evening light.
Celebrate the sunset of purple, blue and rose.
Celebrate the star filled skies of night.
Celebrate the magic mists upon the fields at dawn.
Celebrate the birdsong, bright and gay.
Celebrate awakening on a crisp, clear summer morn.
Celebrate just being here for one more precious day.

Bluebells carpet the English woodlands in springtime

I guess one of the first things that attracted me to John was his sheer love of life. Cynics have put him down for this, though, I can't imagine why. It is the greatest gift he has given to me. There have been times in my life when things have really been tough, but John's music has always picked me up.
The thing is, no matter how bad things are, these simple things are always there. No matter what is going on here on earth one can always look up to the sunset and the stars. No matter what is going on in your life there is always the beauty of nature, the birdsong, the flowers, the mountains, the ocean.
John said that the 'out of doors' was his best friend. I thank him for sharing this with me the healing powers of nature.

"There's something about the forest in the latter days of August.

There's something about the country on the very first day of spring time.

There's something about a wheatfield, oh you know I love the prairie!

There's something about the land that makes me sing."


I love the image of a wheatfield. It takes me back to the first time I saw John in concert at the London Palladium. In those days he used to perform with video screens behind him. When he sang 'Matthew' there was this beautiful video showing two children playing in a field of wheat.
The song was written for his uncle who died in a car accident at the young age of 21. That must have been so tragic, but what a wonderful example of turning such an experience around, to write a song to give so much joy to others. John's uncle will never be forgotten even by those who never knew him. He must have been a great person to have had such an influence on John. It's not the length of life that mattters but the quality.

"Joy was just a thing that he was raised on.
Love was just a way to live and die.
Gold was just a windy Kansas wheatfield.
Blue was just the Kansas summer sky."