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Peace ~ John Denver

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Peace Poem

This poem, written in January 1998, was a complete flight of fancy. I like to think it is pretty close to the truth, though.

Even though my heart is broken because you had to die,
I am glad, before you had to go, you flew in skies up high.
You floated through the heavens between the clouds so white.
You saw pelicans and seagulls beside you in their flight.
You looked down to the ocean waves, sparkling in the sun.
You saw the children splashing in the surf and having fun.
The memories of your own child were fresh from yesterday.
The dark clouds in your life were quicky blowing far away.
Were you thinking or your father as you soared up to the sky?
Were you pondering life's purpose, what we're here for and why?
And when you knew that it would happen, that you would crash down far below,
Were you thinking, as you once said, 'What a glorious way to go!'


John died when his experimental airplane crashed into Monterey Bay. I have been there. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. John said he wanted to die while flying. He got his wish. We may miss him but I think to die the way you wanted to die in a place of incredible beauty is - FAR OUT


"I'm with you in singing skies and dancing waters,
Laughing children, growing old,
And in the heart and in the spirit,
And in the truth when it is told."