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Peace ~ John Denver

Ten Years On

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Peace Poem

October  Evening  Skies


October evening skies,
Indigo clouds painted on turquoise blue,
Pink trails of airplanes heading west,
Reminding me of you.

Golden leaves on the willow tree
While the forsythia gleams russet red.
Yellow chrysanthemums beneath
Brightening up the autumn flower bed.

A solitary bird sings his song,
Filling the silence of the evening tide.
A yellow rose blooms on the bush,
Reminding me of another time.

Still you are here.
You are everywhere,
In the skies, the birdsong, trees and flowers.
October evening skies
Filling my heart with happy hours




Of October memories,
Of Aspen when the moon rose high,
Lighting up the mountains
Like a beacon in the night sky.

Of Pacific Grove,
Where pelicans flew
In missing man formation
As though they, too, remembered you.

Of that day ten years ago
When I heard you had passed away,
And all the many times since
When I knew you were still here today.

Still you are here,
You are everywhere,
In the night sky, the pelicans, precious moments through the years.
October evening skies
Filling my heart with happiness, not tears


Somehow I've learned how to listen.
For a sound like the sun goin' down.
In the magic the morning is bringing.
There's a song for a friend I have found.


Thank you to my daughter Cat for her beautiful sunset photos taken from our garden on October 11th 2007