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Peace ~ John Denver

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There's something about where the sun sets that's different from where the sun rises.
Where the sun rises shows what we have today, but where the sun sets promises another tomorrow, which is opportunity, which is possibility.
Over that ridge is a bright new world where all of your dreams can come true.
John Denver  'Let This be a Voice'

             We will remember you
             When the sun shines from cloudless blue skies,
             With reflections that gleam
              In the cool mountain streams,
             We'll remember the light in your eyes. 

             We will remember you
             When the shadows of evening are long,
              And the sun, setting high,
              Paints a fire in the sky.
             We'll remember the sound of your song.
              Even though you are gone
              To where spirits fly free,
             We still have the gifts that you gave.
             We will carry your hope,
             We will carry your love
              Here on earth for the rest of our days.
             We will remember you
             When the gold leaves are falling again.
             When the soft autumn breeze
              Rustles high through the trees
             We will here the wind whisper your name.




The Dove of Peace flies from site to site, through as many countries as possible. It does not belong to ANY belief system. Please help make it a line across the globe by taking it with you to your site, by giving it to someone for their site, by passing it on to another continent, or to the conflict areas in the world....

When I found this dove on another site, it reminded me of a beautiful thing that happened at the dedication of the garden at Snowmass chapel during my visit, so I have added a page to tell you about it. Click on the dove to get there.

This site is dedicated to the memory of John Denver. He was the greatest inspiration in my life. Those of us who discovered the beauty of his music will never forget him.
I hope you enjoy the poetry that I have written for him.



Remember "You don't have to do it do what you can do."

Family tree

One of my hobbies is Genealogy.
I love researching family history.
Over the past few years I have been researching John's ancestors.
Click on baby John to go to my website showing John's family tree.



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My name is Sylvia Ashton. I live in Herefordshire UK with my husband and 3 grown up children. I have been a follower of John Denver since 1972 when I first saw him on the BBC 2 Shows. When he died, like thousands of others, I was devastated. Then I started to write poems to express my feelings. I would like to share them with you..
Quotes from John's songs are in italics.
The pictures with jigsaw frames are links. There are also a few others but they are named.
The animations are by my daughter Cat.
Some of the photos are my own, some have been used with the permission of the owners. The rest were taken from the Internet. If anyone is unhappy with my use of these photos please contact me.

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